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Why Choose JEMSU?

The JEMSU team is on the leading edge of SEO & Digital Marketing Tactics. We hold a deep passion for learning and advancement and apply this philosophy to our SEO methodologies. By combining theory, experimentation, and real-world best practice, our team delivers high-quality work that drives results.

We understand the nuances of the digital realm, which help us devise solutions to meet and exceed clients’ needs and expectations. From inception to execution, JEMSU is your go-to solution for powerful SEO results.


We’d never put your business in a box.
But who doesn’t love packages?

Some agencies believe in putting businesses in “One-size-fits-all” boxes they like to call “Packages.” We don’t. Instead, we build our package around you and your business. We think that comprehensively examining the scope and scale of marketing efforts is the best way to meet our clients’ needs. Nobody puts baby in a corner…or box.

Local Market

For smaller businesses that need to establish and maintain a local presence, our Local SEO Market approach is a perfect fit. Captivate and convert local shoppers and service seekers in a small to medium-sized market.

Ideal for Nationally present brands, whether our traditional or National E-Commerce SEO Market approach are more aggressive to meet the needs of an emerging national brand presence.

Enterprise & Custom

Clients with special needs, need special solutions. Our enterprise level, multi-channel solutions can tackle the challenges big brands face in the digital medium.

SEO Factors

We don’t rely on intuition to make business-critical decisions. We are analytical and purposeful in understanding every client’s business and their special place in the market. We rely on data-based decisions to set the best strategies and drive the best results.

Without a properly optimized website, any digital marketing effort is less likely to be successful. Our on-page experts can work with existing or new assets to build a proper foundation for future success!

Content is king in the modern world, our experts will help you craft and execute a targeted content strategy. Ranging from static and evergreen content to blogs, white papers, and case studies, our content program is designed to make your brand cut through the noise and establish authority.

Without an effective link building and outreach strategy, even the best SEO campaign can find itself dead in the water. At JEMSU we pride ourselves on being creative and innovative in our link building tactics.


Our SEO clients say…

“The team at Jemsu could not be more stellar! They are always on point and our rankings soared because they delivered. They walk you through detailed feedback and always make sure you understand the monthly reports. Also, they are very accessible for questions and advice. If you’re looking for SEO, look no further, I highly recommend!”

– Ann S.

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