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The Digital Marketing Continuum

Developed out of our own feedback, research and experiences, the digital marketing continuum illustrates the many levels of a brands marketing strategy. Rather than a heirarchy, the continuum is meant to show the constant need to keep each level, or channel, spinning.

At the core of every business’ strategy should be their brand. Understanding who you are as a business and where you want to go is absolutely crucial to your business’ future and success.

Once you have your brand guidelines and messaging dialed-in, then you can start in on your different marketing strategies. We like this approach because it allows us to customize your digital marketing needs.

JEMSU provides powerful, trackable SEO for clients on local, national and global levels.


JEMSU manages tens of millions of dollars in advertising spend and has reduced the average cost-per-acquisition for hundreds of clients.


JEMSU crafts beautiful websites with marketing in mind – we tell your story, increase conversion points, and make it easy for you to maintain and update.


JEMSU works with you to develop your company’s objectives, target customers, competition, and unique selling propositions, all to build the strongest brand possible.


JEMSU’s strategic content helps your brand tell its story, build trust, and educates your audience, all the while supporting the rest of your marketing efforts.


JEMSU provides daily posting, community management, content creation, and reporting to use your social platforms to its full potential!


JEMSU creates effective email marketing campaigns for different audiences in different portions of your funnel!



We’ve been working with JEMSU for about five months and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Our traffic is up and our leads are increasing in quality and quantity by the month. My only regret is not finding them sooner! They’re worth every penny!

– Alison B.



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