People are starting to spend the same amount if not more time online as they do watching TV.  This means that television online is picking up pace and becoming a great way of marketing a company online.  Denver SEO companies are developing better ways to video market online. YouTube has developed a new way to reach more viewers through TrueView Ads.  So what are these ads?

These ads developed by YouTube, appear before the video online.  When you press play the video will come up and then you will have the option to choose whether or not you want to watch the commercial or not.  The viewer is also able to quickly say whether this ad is relevant to them or not.   This way YouTube will eventually recognize your profile and can determine what ads you would like to see and what ads you do not.

There was a study done on these ads to determine how effective this method of letting viewers choose to watch the ads.  They discovered that many people wanted to watch the ads in order learn something new or discover a new product.  If the beginning of the ad was interesting and caught their attention they tended to watch the whole thing. Catching a viewer’s attention could be by have a sudden loud noise or burst of color and then making sure you are getting your brand name in immediately.  Once the person is hooked in the first few seconds of your ad, then you can provide them with new information.  These ads allow the company producing them to customize them to different people.  You can make one advertisement to men and one to women so that when YouTube recognizes a woman is viewing the video it will play your woman advertisement.

In the world of Denver marketing advertising is very competitive, this is a great way to make sure those who want to see your company’s ads will see them.