You're Wasting Millions On Digital Marketing - And I Can Prove It

Chris Sams, August 30, 2012

Denver, Colorado – Okay, well maybe not all of you reading this spend millions of dollars on advertising. A shocking number of companies throughout the U.S., however, burn through millions of dollars in digital marketing efforts every year without even realizing the amount of marketing money that they flat out waste. The culprits of this waste can be many, ranging from over-priced website development to inefficient affiliate campaigns, but one of the most common problem we find is a poorly performing pay per click program.

Companies dump thousands or even millions into Google AdWord campaigns each month and simply accept the returns from the campaign after they set it up. Some business owners purchase software programs to manage the account. A few others appoint their marketing manager to keep the account tuned up. And even fewer hire a professional outsourced vendor to help manage. While the effort is going to land an improved return over an non-managed account, few business owners realize that they are only scratching the surface of their returns. Through a highly tuned digital marketing campaign, the results can be game-changers.

In my experience, around 80% of all companies spending over $10,000/mo on pay per click are leaving money on the table – regardless of their account management choices. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that marketing managers can’t manage an effective campaign, they just simply don’t typically have the appropriate time or prior experience. The fact remains that very few people in the U.S. have enough experience and knowledge to get the most out of their spend. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours and managed tens of millions of dollars to gain the insight I have into the industry, and even I’m still learning new tricks every day. You have to be adapting every day. As JEMSU staffer Troy Olson was quoted in the New York Times regarding video pay per click, “Video has to be evolving, You have to always be willing to change everything you’re doing.” This stands true for every aspect of digital marketing as well.

Don’t believe me? We’ll I’m ready to prove it and put it all on the line. I’m going to take on 20 random businesses who are currently spending $10,000/mo or more on AdWords and put them up to a challenge. I’m going to ask those companies to let us manage a portion of their account free for 30 days, measure the improvements, and we’ll report back the results. If our challenge campaign doesn’t yield better results against your current campaign, we’ll give you $100* for your time. If your business is interested in taking the challenge, shoot us an email or give us a call at 720-545-1555.


A colleague of ours and brilliant marketer, Erik Wolf, read our article and had a few comments of his own. We thought we’d share:

“Earlier this year, I realized something unfortunate about myself: I was lethargic, out of shape and about 20 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. But the realization alone wasn’t enough to get me fit and healthy — I had no idea where to start. So I joined a gym and signed up for a personal trainer and I sought proper nutritional advice. Now it’s six months later, I’m 30 pounds lighter and my daily life has completely changed. Similarly, when businesses try to get their sales and marketing into shape, often they don’t know where to start. It’s difficult getting started and you make a lot of mistakes. That’s why it’s great to have professionals helping you — they keep you moving, they hold you accountable and they bring a wealth of experience to the table. And, when you get better results faster on your marketing campaign, the professionals tend to pay for themselves.”

Erik Wolf is founder & CEO of Zero-G Creative, as well as author of “Marketing Unmasked

*$100 Google AdWords credit will be applied to your account.

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