YouTube has recently announced that it will be upgrading all channels on March 7th, 2012 whether you approve to have your company’s channel upgraded or not.  This comes with a lot of continued frustration by many people who have also recently seen the redesign of YouTube’s layout.  Although it seems like YouTube is trying to improve their site for their customers, most people are just annoyed.   The main concerns revolving around learning a whole new system twice in only a couple months.  If you are one of these people, it might be a good idea to consider hiring a Denver SEO company to help you get restarted on your YouTube channel and allow it to continually be viewable for visitors.

So what is exactly going to change this time?!  All the details have not been released on what exactly will be changing, however, it is clear that the layout will be completely altered. Many people have already complained to YouTube.  YouTube responded in a blog statement explaining that this is for the best of the company and for the best of everyone’s channels.  They continue to encourage people to voice their concerns but to also be open to the idea of change.  They are hoping these changes will bring in more video viewers to channels that might have not been getting enough exposure.  YouTube has also created a checklist that a channel owner can go through to upgrade your channel on your own before it happens on March 7th.  They are hopeful that users who chose to take this strategy will learn more about their channel and therefore be more comfortable when the complete changes come.

In all marketing areas including Denver marketing, websites will always be adapting and changing in order to improve the quality of their company, so its probably time we all got used to it.