Yes, You Need an Integrated Marketing Strategy & Here’s Why

Christine, July 12, 2018

Often used unilaterally to describe a breadth of digital services marketers use to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement, traffic, and sales, digital marketing is an all-encompassing term for modern marketing strategies. But very few business owners have a clear understanding of exactly what goes into a fully integrated digital marketing campaign.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing refers to a holistic approach to marketing a business. By “integrating” all of your marketing efforts ( SEO, PPC, Content, Social Media, Web Design, etc.), marketers create a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with, ensuring all messaging and communication strategies are consistent across each brand and centered on the consumer.

Why Integrated Marketing Works

Due to today’s cautious approach to business, it is not uncommon for many business owners – especially small business owners- to be hesitant to spend large amounts of their hard-earned money on a large scale marketing plan. As such, many business owners choose to invest in one or two services ( SEO or  PPC, typically). But if you want your marketing plan to result in a high ROI- and who doesn’t- you must consider investing in an integrated marketing strategy.

Three Benefits Of An Integrated Marketing Campaign

It Increases Your Brand Visibility

This perhaps the most crucial aspects of any marketing campaign. After all, if you are not gaining the attention of potential customers, how can you expect to form a relationship with them?  

By integrating your SEO, paid advertising and social media efforts, marketers can get your brand out in front of targeted consumers. Once your brand is visible, it is easy to highlight your key messages and build a rapport with consumers.

It Builds Trust

Building trust is one of the most difficult, yet important aspects of the client- marketer relationship.  Trust is built through consistent reliability and reliable consistency.  Through an integrated marketing approach, marketers are able to construct and implement a cohesive strategy.  By developing a clear plan of attack for each marketing channel and a full understanding of how those channels interact with each other, marketers can cut down the time it takes for potential customers to trust your brand!

It Increases Your ROI

Over the years there have been multiple case studies that revealed that integrated marketing strategies provide a competitive advantage.  And in some cases, business have reported seeing a double in sales year after year!  Inversely, sources indicate not investing in integrated marketing efforts can result in a 10% dip in revenue. Yikes!

The most important aspect of an integrated marketing approach is that it combines the best of all worlds. Whether you are interested in experimenting with video marketing, blogging or a new website design, an integrated marketing campaign can put them all together in a way that works for your brand seamlessly.

At JEMSU, we understand the importance of using an integrated marketing approach to promoting your business.  We have the know-how to combine your SEO, PPC, email, social and content marketing strategies to create a campaign that increases your leads and conversions.

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