Yahoo! Launching 1000 hours of content this fall.

Chris Sams, August 22, 2013

Thanks to companies like YouTube and Netflix they way people consume video content has dramatically changed.   More and more people from the ages 15-35 are getting their entertainment and news through online video platforms than every before. As such companies from all over have been trying to figure out a way to maximize the potential online or streaming video has to offer.  In the last decade content creators have been jumping on the digital video bandwagon with the help of companies like Youtube.  Even Netflix has made great strides in revloutionlizing the way people watch original content.   Now Yahoo! is joining the revolution with its launch of its own new brand of  orginal content this fall. Yahoo will be releasing 1000 hours of content  on the first every ad-supported platform to ever release that amount of content, ever!

What does this mean to people who work in digital video?    It means that this is just merely the beginning.  As more platforms turn to orginal video content , there will be more opportunity to get your message out through video.  Imagine if you are a business whose key demographic is women 25-40, and you could have your ad appear before, during or after a show tailor made for that demo.  It means that only the eyes you want sees your add, and you will never have to wonder if you are even reaching the people you need.  The analytics gained from these ads will be far more tailored to you needs than a commercial on television or an ad in the declining newspaper.




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