Yahoo Dropping Search Engine Market Share

Chris Sams, October 12, 2011

Data has recently been released detailing the market share for all of the various search engines available on the web.  ComScore, a research company that measures digital data recently reported that Google is still gaining market share among its competitors like Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and AOL.  Google has been the leading search engine for years and continues to dominate the market.  The key figure that was released is the drop in market share for Yahoo.

Yahoo began in 1995 and completely diversified the web portal.  Google began just a few short years later in 1998 and so began the search engine race.  Initially, Yahoo used Google search as its own search engine.  It discontinued this process and began creating its own search algorithms in 2004.  Unfortunately, Google had gained immense popularity among consumers and Yahoo was already losing the search engine race.  During this time, other search engine companies such as GeoCities, Lycos and Excite also began losing the race.  Fast forward to the present, Google continues to dominate the search engine race with a market share of 65.3%.  Yahoo has now reached its lowest point in search engine ratings, only making up 15.5% of the total searches performed by people.  Additionally, Ask, AOL and Bing have not made significant changes to compete with Google.

The data pictured to above clearly indicates how much market share Google has been able to acquire up to this point.  As other search engines continue to drop market share, Google will continue to gain it and eventually account for 80% or more of searches on the internet.  Any marketing company that optimizes websites should optimize primarily for Google.  Most Denver internet marketing firms that focus on search engine optimization are now beginning optimize client sites for Google first, then consider Bing and Yahoo search rankings.  With this current release of search engine data, any Denver SEO company should consider using this strategy to create the best possible situation for their clients.

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