Writing Status Updates Your Followers Will Love

Chris Sams, February 10, 2012

Whether you have created a social network profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ the idea of having to post a status update everyday can be a daunting task.  But there are a few clues on how to compose a status update that will keep your followers interested and wanting more.

First off, remember this is not about you at all; this status update is really all about the customer.  You want them to feel a connection to your business.  You want them to feel like you are speaking to them directly and therefore they have the power to make a great impact on your business.  By making sure your status focuses on the customer’s wants and needs they will be more interested in staying up to date on your statuses.

Next, make sure your statuses are relevant and interesting.  No one is going to care that your dog did the cutest thing last night, but they will probably care if your dog while doing the cutest thing last night inspired you to have a 50% off sale! Being able to differentiate between what is going to be exciting to your followers and what is exciting to only you is very important.  This can make or break your social media marketing campaign because if you continually post things that people have no interest in then they will eventually stop paying attention.

Another great idea is to interact with your audience.  You can ask questions or ask them to post opinions and comments even photos.  You can have contests, post videos to encourage video marketing or really anything you can think of but involving your followers will help your business to seem more personal.

If you are at all concerned about conducting your social media correctly, enlisting the help of a local SEO company can be a great help.  They will manage your profile with everyday updates so you have nothing to worry about.

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