Wikipedia is a site that provides information on just about anything you can think of from people to historical events many people are reliant upon Wikipedia for information.  Wikipedia actually comes up 99% of the time on the first page of a Google search.  In the Denver Marketing world it is hard to be a small information business with such a giant.

Although you can get facts easily and clearly from Wikipedia, there are several articles and sites that are much more relevant and reliable than Wikipedia.  Wikipedia allows its readers and visitors the opportunity to adjust facts and figures if they realize they for any reason they are wrong.   However, and quite unfortunately this can and often is abused by visitors who simply want to change something to be humorous.  This is what can make Wikipedia less reliable.  There are several millions of websites out there that provide great historic, entertainment, political, etc. information that cannot be altered, will be fact checked, and finally will be sited correctly so that nothing is plagiarized.

The numbers that are leading this new report are from Intelligent Positioning.  This company tested over 1,000 keywords in searches on Google and watched how often Wikipedia came up.  It ranked well for several categories that included several geographical locations or even common words for clothing or food.

To some it may seem unfair that Google and Wikipedia seem to have this inevitable bond in which they appear on most of Google’s search pages and maybe it is a little unfair especially to the professors and teachers who are posting lot of relevant, real, and undisturbed information.  However, Wikipedia is an extremely valuable site for the people that rely on it for information.  It is hard for small businesses with small websites and marketing budgets to compete with something like Wikipedia but a good Denver SEO company can certainly help get things going in the right direction.