The simplest answer is results.The best ROI comes from being in the top three places in each keyword.  We can help you get better and higher results.

We would work over time to raise your ranking in those keywords and to implement more profitable keywords that apply to your practice.

On the two keyword searches that you rank on page one, let’s say today your firm is at 5th and 6th on both pages. We generally can help you move up in rankings. Also, based on the analysis of the keywords you are using,  we can make sure you do better. For example, your website is targeting “family lawyer”. By targeting “family law”, instead, you can get about three times the traffic for that keyword at the same competition level. Your current SEO strategies bypass higher traffic, more profitable keywords and employ lower traffic, less profitable keywords.

One word of caution. If you are using your own computers to do searches in your fields without proper “masking”, you are likely to get inaccurate, skewed results that don’t reflect the real situation. Many of our potential clients fall into this sneaky trap.

As part of our firm’s commitment to quality, we keep up to date on what Google and the others are doing on a daily basis. Your current provider could be behind. For example, your website has a meta tag for “keywords”. That means your provider doesn’t know that meta tag will ignored by Google’s bots and under certain circumstances could hurt you.

We are your best shot at getting into the top three rankings. We maintain that ranking in our own category. Google “SEO Denver” or “Denver SEO” or “Marketing Denver”, or “Denver Marketing” and you will see we are generally at the top. We walk the talk. Where does your current provider rank?