Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Won't Work Without SEO

TeamJEMSU, May 25, 2016

Looking to build a digital marketing strategy that works? Want to skip the hard work and patience required for a thorough application of SEO and utilize social media channels instead? You have a big problem right out of the door: it won’t work. Your digital endeavor might limp along, possibly turning some degree of profit, but chances are you won’t see the success you would if you invested in proper SEO. Here’s why:

The internet revolves around natural search results

It may seem that social networks have displaced search engines as the king of the hill, but this view ignores a few simple statistics. Nearly half of all internet users utilize a search engine every single day. Over 90% of traffic to websites comes from search engines (and most of that from Google in particular).

Now, consider how those internet users browse search results. It doesn’t look pretty for anyone outside of the first three natural results, much less those who rank off the first page for a keyword phrase: over 40% of searchers stop with the very first result. 

Consider that figure against what’s considered an incredible search-only Adwords CTR: a mere 5%. If you’re not leveraging SEO to secure a natural position for appropriate phrases, you’re sacrificing an immense amount of traffic.

SEO best practices positively impact other digital strategies

Nearly every other digital tactic you will leverage as part of your overall strategy will benefit from performing SEO best practices. Properly optimized sites are more navigable, faster, user-oriented, and improve click rates. You can completely remove search rankings as a factor, and SEO best practices still offer irreplaceable value for your digital marketing endeavors.

Maintaining high ROI without SEO is difficult

Unless you find the Holy Grail of niches hidden within your industry—or create your own—you’re going to struggle to achieve an impressive ROI without implementing basic SEO. Why? Because nothing matches the cost efficiency of natural search results in generating qualified leads and prospect action.

Yielding search results to rivals and critics harms your brand

Perhaps the greatest reason to stop and rethink your strategy of digital marketing without SEO: someone is going to fill the gaps. When you surrender on the SEO front, you guarantee that your rivals and critics are the ones speaking to that majority of internet users who rely upon natural search engine results. Do you really want the first result someone sees when they Google your product or company to be a rival? Or a blistering review from a competitor’s paid shill?

Of course not. Because if all the loudest voices in the marketplace are critical, nothing else you do with your digital marketing strategy will matter. And that means you need SEO to make things work.

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