Why You Still Need To Invest In SEO In 2017

Chris Sams, January 25, 2017

2017 is here and businesses are busy evaluating their strategies and setting up budgets for the new financial year.  However, one question that most business owners are asking their marketers is whether there is a need for SEO. The short answer us a resounding yes!

If you want to take your organization to the next level, here are six reasons you should invest in SEO this year.

Search Is Growing

A high percentage of the population goes online to search for information about a product or service before making a purchase. The number is expected to rise especially with the advancement in mobile technology. What this means is that, without organic SEO in place, potential customers will have a difficult time finding you and instead find your competitors.

It Is Cost Effective

Compared to the costs associated with other forms of digital marketing such as PPC or lead purchasing for e-mail marketing, SEO offers a relatively good ROI. Small businesses and startups that cannot afford to allocate a huge advertising budget can leverage on SEO for online exposure and save on ad spends.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

SEO is never ending process. If you are not moving up and advancing on your rank online, you are more than likely losing ground to your competitor. Do not let your rivals get an edge on you simply because you ignored this valuable tool.

It’s Here To Stay

Judged on the way search engines are advancing, it is unlikely that SEO will cease to be effective anytime soon. In fact, other forms of digital marketing such as video marketing are dependent on specific keywords for them to rank on organic searches. This highlights continuous progress in the use SEO techniques even in non-text based content.

It Achieves You Credibility

While other marketing options such as PPC can drive you more revenue, SEO in many ways remains a foundation to your online presence. Simply put, SEO helps build credibility and consistency for your business. The more prospective clients come across your site on organic search results, the more they gain trust in you.

It Pulls More Traffic

Once you have implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, you can expect residual traffic on your website.  All you have to do is hire a quality SEO agency to handle it.  The agency experts will research and target the keywords that you want to rank for. This means that each time a prospective customer searches for a product or service within your industry or niche, you get a qualified lead.

SEO is undoubtedly a complex process. However, ignoring it won’t make it simpler. The sooner you invest in this process, the sooner you will start claiming more opportunities and a positive ROI.

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