Why You Should Use Email Marketing

Chris Sams, August 16, 2017

To stay competitive, businesses both large and small utilize digital marketing strategies in order to attract new customers and increase sales. Many businesses know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a must, and social media marketing is a close second. However, some fail to take advantage of another highly cost-effective and viable digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing can garner a lot of benefits for a business when done properly and subsequently deliver a strong ROI. Email marketing can also be more easily measured for effectiveness and used in ways that other marketing strategies cannot. Consider these benefits of email marketing when planning your next online marketing campaign.

You Can Segment Email Lists to Target Different Customer Demographics

Sending the same email to everyone in your customer database doesn’t make much sense. It’s not very personal, and may not directly speak to everyone on your list. Thankfully, you can easily segment your list based on customer data you’ve collected and specifically target the different groups with customized emails. Segmenting email lists and sending individualized messages are the most effective email personalization strategies.

Email Marketing Improves Brand Awareness

Nearly 90 percent of consumers prefer to receive promotional or informative emails from the companies they do business with. When potential and existing customers receive email messages from your company, it instills brand awareness. When your message contains something of value to the consumer, your company will be remembered far more.

Email Marketing Can Be Easily Measured

While other marketing strategy results are often difficult to measure, determining ROI from an email marketing campaign is much easier. Accurately measure response rate, where the clicks come from, what purchases were made afterward, and which types of messages work best with your audience.

Email Marketing is Instant

Once your email message is created, it can be delivered to thousands of customers with the click of a mouse. Including call-to-actions or the ability for recipients to reply to someone in the company also helps to improve communication. This creates a more rewarding experience with your company.

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

This marketing strategy is extremely cost-effective, with a potentially high ROI for very little expenditure. A message can cost you just pennies per recipient.

There are, of course, even more, advantages to using email marketing not just to drive web traffic and increase sales, but also to provide your customers with interesting and informative industry news, alert them to new products or services and thank them for their loyalty.

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