Why you should invest in video marketing today

TeamJEMSU, August 3, 2016

According to a recent study by Cisco, 75% of all internet traffic by 2019 will be attributed to video. Get ahead of the game and invest in video marketing today. Not convinced? Take a few minutes to review the best reasons to invest in video now.

Consumer Attention Guaranteed

Video marketing is the best way of getting and retaining consumer attention. Video marketing has played a significant role in generating more than 50% of the traffic from mobile devices for many websites. Consumers love watching videos, and since it takes up the full screen of the mobile devices, this guarantees the full attention of the audience. Unlike text where the reader might strain to concentrate and understand what you are putting across, video easily holds someone’s attention and they will not strain too much to understand the message. It is the best way to make this memorable impression within a short time.

Best for Social Media

Social media has become part of many businesses marketing mix thanks to the platforms having great market potential. There is no better way to boost social media content than the use of video. The videos will make all the social media messages more effective, and they will have an impact on a wider audience. With the ability to share on the social media platforms, there are high chances that the video posted can go viral and capture the targeted audience worldwide, not to mention generating numerous leads and conversions. Video marketing is one way to stay relevant in social media.

Higher Generation of Engagement

The use of videos in marketing is the best way to trigger viewer engagement.  A good video will be shared, and people will comment and want to visit the site that is responsible for the creation of the video. The interested consumers will want to know more, and when they visit the main site, there are high chances of a conversion and a high return on investment.

Affordable Video Production Costs

In the current years, the video production costs have dropped significantly since no great technical knowledge is required for one to create a good video. Many online apps enable businesses to create great videos but still, it is possible to hire the best video production company for a very affordable rate. You will be assured of quality work, and a good quality video is no doubt the best tool to capture and keep the interest of your audience. An excellent quality video for video marketing is a great marketing job halfway done already.

There are many success stories of how startups that used videos eventually became multi-million businesses. Just keep in mind that as much as you are investing in video marketing, ensure that the video content you generate is creative and relevant.

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