Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Chris Sams, April 20, 2017

With all the attention being paid to social media and paid advertising, digital marketers are asking themselves an important question. Does email marketing still work?  The answer is yes!  And the numbers might surprise (and convince) you to take another look.

Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

One of the major benefits of an email campaign is that it can be customized to target a broad and diverse audience. But Are Emails Really Effective?
According to data compiled by McKinsey & Company, email marketing still beats Twitter and Facebook when it comes to ROI and generating new leads. With over 90 percent of consumers using email on a daily basis, marketers using email acquire 40 times more new sales and customers than with Facebook or Twitter (combined). Additionally, the average value of orders placed through an email campaign is estimated to be 17 percent higher.


Capitalize on Mobile Internet Use

The bulk of online search traffic (and shopping) is now coming from mobile devices for the first time. An email marketing campaign is a perfect way to grab a customer’s attention where they are already spending their time (and money). Email can also help to create customer familiarity, trust, and brand loyalty more effectively than an ad.


Email Marketing Is More Cost-Effective Relative to ROI

A good marketing strategy includes a number of elements like SEO, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and video and social media advertising. But for marketers with smaller budgets or niche markets, email can also deliver big results at a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels.
The Harvard Business Review estimates that email is one of the most affordable and cost-effective mediums available to businesses of all sizes, but especially smaller to mid-size companies that may not have (or need) large television or multimedia advertising budgets. The success of an email marketing campaign is also much easier to measure, from response rates to actual dollars earned from a specific newsletter promotion or coupon campaign. This can make it easier to switch gears and test new ideas to make the most of every marketing budget.
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