Why do I need SEO?

Chris Sams, March 26, 2012

I was sitting with a client the other day and he asked a simple, yet very complicated question: Why do I need Search Engine Optimization? I say this is simple because if you want exposure on search engines, it is not a surprise that you have to compete for it. It is also complicated because Search Engine Optimization it is not something you can flip and switch on and let it ride. With millions of websites being built everyday, ranking for the top spots on search engines like Google, ha become a fierce competition. 92 percent of all searches die on the first page, that means that 92 percent of users find what they are looking for on the first 10 search results, so as you can see, being on the first page it is crucial.  Search Engine Optimization services can help you get there, by applying different techniques, which make your site readable and easy to index for the search engine robots. Search engines are focused on bringing their users the most relevant a and accurate results, meaning that if they do not see your site as relevant or easy to read, they will skip right over it, causing you to lose visibility and exposure to potential clients.

As I have said before, Search Engine Optimization is not something you just turn on and let run by itself, but it is a long-term investment, which takes time and skill to build and maintain. So why you need Search Engine Optimization is quite simple actually. In a world in which we depend on the internet for many things, you need to compete to have your site on the spot it deserves to be in, and local SEO, should and will be the tool that will help you get those results.

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