Why Creating Funnels and Importing Conversions Is Crucial For Optimizing

TeamJEMSU, May 5, 2015

ppcEvery internet business must take certain steps in order to process a customer. Just because they clicked on the ad doesn’t mean they’re going to give you their hard earned money. Creating a funnel will allow you to track all of the steps, which will give you better insight of your potential customers. This allows you to see each and every sale cycle of a customer rather they purchased or left at the shopping cart with no product or service. While having funnels set up in Adwords alone is great, you really want to sync both Analytics and Adwords so you can import the conversion tracking.

When breaking down the funnel, you can see from a different perspective of the process of converting on a transaction. The more knowledge you have on your sale cycle will help you grow your business. Funnels are considered more of a basic KPI’s (key performance indicators) compared to goals in Google Analytics. Being able to figure out what sections are causing the customers confusion or trouble provides a tremendous amount of opportunity to optimize.

Importing your goals from Google Analytics into Google Adwords, allows you to have access to a feature called Conversion Optimizer which helps with bids, and provides a chance to potentially increase conversions and lower your CPC (cost per click). Once Adwords has access, it starts recording the data which gives you all of the same logistics from bounce rate, pages/sessions viewed, etc. Having this data in the same interface when filtering conversions, provides plenty of opportunity to optimize and make changes. Diving into the reports and implementing new changes from the data will help show how effective your campaign and ad groups are preforming.

Setting up Funnels and importing your goals from Google Analytics can be just what your business needs to get you to the next level. Tracking your funnel data is very important when justifying your spend on advertising. If you take the steps to understand the data and make necessary adjustments to your sale cycle, you will be doing a good deal for your business helping create an easier process customers while saving on your adspend.

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