Why Brand Campaigns are Good for Your AdWords Account

TeamJEMSU, June 13, 2013

Someone asked us a great question yesterday: “Why am I paying for clicks on branded keywords when I’m already the top spot in organic results?” I’ll admit, at first glance it seems like there would be no reason to have a paid ad right above your organic search result, because why would you pay for a click when you can get it for free? Although it seems counterintuitive, allow me to explain why branded keywords and campaigns can actually benefit you and your AdWords account.

The best reason for having a brand campaign is because it increases the quality score of your entire account. For those who are unfamiliar, Google provides a quality score for pay-per-click ads and keywords based on how relevant they are to your site. The more relevant, the better quality score. Google rewards those who have a high quality score by making it less expensive to bid on keywords. If you have a quality score of 10 and a bid of 50 cents, but your competitor has a quality score of 5 and a max bid of 70 cents, you will still appear above them in search results.

One way quality score is calculated? Click-through-rate (CTR). Since brand campaigns typically have a very high CTR, they improve the CTR of the entire account and can result in lowering the cost of all of your keywords in the account due to a better quality score.

Second, it ensures that your website will be seen and visited. Not only do visitors trust brands more when they show up in both organic and paid results, you also won’t let competitors take any potential visits away from you. Competitors often bid on your brand’s keywords, and you don’t want their paid ad to be the only result above your organic search.

Lastly, paid ads are a great way to control what messaging you want for your website. Organic search results provide some information about your site, but you often can’t control what the snippet of text says. Paid ads are a great way to send a specific message — for example, maybe you offer free shipping or you’re having a summer sale. Controlling your messaging can potentially lead to more conversions, which is better for you!

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of why it can still be beneficial to bid on branded keywords that you may already rank organically for. We at JEMSU™ love brand campaigns, and we want our clients to as well!

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