Which product is right for you?

Chris Sams, February 23, 2012

As a Internet marketing consultant, way too often I come across clients who are confused with many different strategies and ideas. Specifically, the difference between Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and Pay Per Click Advertisement also known as PPC. There are plenty of arguments to prove one to be better than the other and how one could not exist without the other. The truth is, they are two completely different products, designed to work with different budgets, time frames and targets. As a Internet marketing consultant it is my job not only to analyze the business I am working with, but also to find the product that will work for them, in their specific situation. Search Engine Optimization is designed to get clients rankings as high a possible in the organic search. That means that through the use of keywords, on page, off page and back linking, or video marketing they try to move your site as high as possible on all search engines, so when people search for these keywords, the website shows up at the top of the organic search. This is a long-term project, but once you have managed to push up your rankings, it becomes easier to maintain them. Pay Per Click on the other hand, is more of a bid process, in which you compete for keywords, but they guarantee you a spot on the top three results you normally see come out. With Pay Per Click you can adjust the time and place you “ads” go on, but you have to pay for every time somebody clicks on that link. This is more of a short term project, but cost can fluctuate depending on how competitive your industry is, due to the fact that bid could get more expensive as the demand for keywords increases. The best way to tell them apart is this: PPC are the results on the top or side of the page, which are normally in a shaded box, and Organic search is anything below that. Consult your local SEO company to find out which of these two is right for you.

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