When will YouTube views mean nothing?

Chris Sams, February 29, 2012

Breaking into the world of video marketing can be a difficult process for any company.  Producing quality videos, placing them on a channel, and then optimizing and getting people to view these videos all ends up takings a lot of time and effort.  So once your videos began to be viewed by people, how do you know what viewer watched your video and decided to call or visit your company, and what viewer didn’t even pay attention?

There is a very basic understanding of several aspects of life quality is better than quantity.  This understanding is what should be applied to any video or channel online.  It should not be about how many viewers you get but how many people retain your knowledge and recall it later on.  You can more accurately measure the reach of your videos by seeing how many people comment on them, like them, or send them to other people.  This will show you how many people actually take in the information your have presented and then relay it to others.  It is important to understand that people can manufacture views, and this means that there are lots of videos that have millions of views and really are not of quality and have nothing interesting happen.  People can use robots, or manufacture a piece of software that will instantly boost their views.  That is why taking notice of the people that are genuinely interested in your video is the best way to understand how many people are seeing it and how they are reacting to it.

Working with a local SEO company can help you determine what video will not only get real views but will also generate talk.  Generating a real interest in your video or channel is what is most important not the number of views you are getting.

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