What's New At JEMSU?!

Chris Sams, February 7, 2012

SO what is new at JEMSU™?  There are a lot of very exciting things happening here! We have had great success in the Denver area so we are expanding. We are growing and growing! The sky is the limit! We are very excited to announce that JEMSU™ is not just a Search Engine Optimization company, but also a company that focuses on all aspects of Internet Marketing. We have developed and mastered new products like Social Media, Video Marketing, Mobile Optimization and much, much more! We always have our eyes set on providing our customers with a wide variety of services, understanding, as well as bringing solutions to their marketing needs.

Our staff is expanding too and we are filling in spots with individuals with a very high level of experience in this industry, which we believe will take this company to the next level. Our goal is to become that one stop shop, where clients can not only find the products they need, but also information and constant updates as to where this industry is going and what needs to be done to stay ahead of the game. As a business owner, you can feel comfortable to know that here at JEMSU™, we understand how much work it takes to keep your business afloat and we want you to know, we are here to take some of that load off your shoulders! We have worked with hundreds of businesses in many different industries. There is nothing more exciting to us than the challenge of getting to know a business and the challenges they face, to find out how we can help! We are definitely moving forward and we would love to make your business a part of this movement. JEMSU™ is the company you need to take your Internet marketing campaign to the next level and a great Start would be local SEO

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