What We Know After Panda, Penguin And Hummingbird

Chris Sams, January 28, 2014

Over the past few years SEO and content marketers have weathered the aftermath of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. With each update Google pushed through SEO experts have had to reinvent the wheel to stay ahead of the game.   Those who refused to innovate were hit with penalties, some were even blacklisted from Google.  For the savvy SEO or content marketer there a few strategies that are known to be dead, or slowly dying.

So, what are some of the practices that are long dead?  According to experts in the field there are two main practices that Google and every other search engine considered dead and buried.  When penguin hit, many sites were penalized for utilizing exact anchor text match.  Why?  Well exact anchor text match is a clear signal to search engines that you are building links.  Any clear indication that you are trying to manipulate ranking and that is not looked kindly on by search engines like Google.   The second strategy that is a no-no is article spinning.  If you are unaware what article spinning is, it is the practice of rewritten content through an automation process. This often creates content that does not make sense and is irrelevant.  It is clearly a manipulation tactic and as I said before search engines do not appreciate it.

While not dead, these techniques are on their way out.  One is buying links. It is true that it is harder for Google to catch you in the act, this practice is on its way out because a does not guarantee any protection from penalties.   Buying links can influence your ranking at first but the cost benefit ratio of doing so does not make it worth the risk.  If Google catches you or even suspects that you are buying links rather that gathering links naturally they can and will penalize you.

Despite all the updates and algorithm changes, one thing is still clear, content is king.  That being said, as time goes on Google has become much savvier at recognizing quality content.  This requires content marketers to reassess they way they create content.   No longer is bad or even decent content enough.  This is why many SEO and content marketers are turning to innovative ways to create original content that Google loves.  This means adjusting your strategy from just writing blogs to copywriting on the site, utilizing Facebook,  Youtube  and other sites to build an online presence to grow in rankings.




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