What To Know Before Choosing Your Next SEO Company

Chris Sams, January 18, 2013

Most people now a days know the significance of how important SEO is. With traffic overflowing and millions upon millions of keywords typed everyday, SEO is the only real way to get noticed in this pool of information.  But the more important question that a small business or even a large corporation should ask is, who will manage it all for me? Who has the knowledge and experience to drive my business forward in this digital realm. It all comes down to choosing the right SEO company that will suit your needs.

Today, you can find thousands of SEO companies all over. Most of them promising you the world from a great distance away. A lot of them with credible references and reviews. So where should you start? Who can you trust? The best answer is to start local. If you start local you can at least maintain some sort of supervision of your SEO team. You can visit their office, or even talk to someone on the phone who lives close to you. Not to say larger national companies are not good, but if your new to the SEO thing, start with someone you drive to and yell to in person if there is a problem.

The second this of course is reputation and experience. They do search engine optimization yes, but are they using many tools? Is what they are doing considered spam? Are they using the most most up to date information to keep you ranking well? These are all very important things you must know from the beginning and through out. Check reviews as well, user’s want other user’s to know how their experience went so that others feel safe about. I know I look at reviews for that same thing.

Asking many questions is not a bad thing. What you don’t know might be the thing you miss. A good SEO company will not make you feel stupid about asking questions. Write down and make a list of everything you would like to talk about.  This part of the process is the most important. It’s your money and your long term risk, and like any risk, you gotta know what you are going into will pay off in the end.

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