What Puts JEMSU Above The Rest

TeamJEMSU, July 21, 2015

images-1What makes JEMSU the best firm to go to for all of your online marketing needs? The answer is simple. The hands on attention each client gets from the moment they sign with us. Whether you sign up for a SEO campaign or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management, you are given a consultant specifically assigned to your account to help with every aspect of the project. We make sure to learn as much as we can about your business and marketing objectives, while providing detailed recommendations along the way. Below we have outlined some of the steps we take to ensure your campaign is excelling.

Your dedicated account manager/consultant and a member of the SEO team or PPC team will sit down with you and conduct a kickoff meeting. This kickoff meeting allows us to understand your business a little more to ensure we are taking your campaign in the right direction. We gather business information and let you know our exact process so you understand it right from the start. In this meeting, we set goals and goal values to watch over the entirety of your campaign. It is not only important that you understand your campaign but how your campaign can help your business. Conducting a kickoff meeting is the way we kick off a relationship with you as a client and understand your expectations.

Following the kickoff meeting with your consultant, you can expect to receive monthly reports to track campaign progress. Reports show clients a return on their SEO or PPC investment by tracking goals specific to them. For SEO, these start with initial ranking reports to show where keywords rank at the beginning of an SEO campaign and expand from there to include details about website traffic, organic searches, and more. For PPC, we compile a breakdown of your spend on each campaign to include details on what ads are performing the strongest, along with future recommendations based on data. Regardless of the type of campaign, reports are a great way to track the path toward reaching a client’s particular goals.

No matter what you spend with JEMSU you always can count on attention from our team. We provide monthly consultations for all of our clients because we know how important communication is. Our consultants have a knowledge of a whole team and they can cover any SEO or PPC questions you might have. Monthly consultations are a perfect time to discuss SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns in details, ask your consultant questions regarding reporting, talk about rankings and best performing ads in AdWords, or go in depth about areas of your business that need special attention from a digital marketing side.


JEMSU recognizes how important consultations are to a successful digital marketing campaign. One could say that the consultants are the glue to the whole process. Consultants keep in constant contact with the client through meetings, phone calls, and emails. The consultants teach and inform you about each step in your customized campaign. Coaching clients is not the only part to a consultant’s job; we also stay on top of the designated operations teams depending on the clients needs, along with watching over their client’s campaign, making sure everything is done on time and up-to-date. One would think this is sufficient, but our consultants take it to another level. We also take all the data and results and turn them into thorough yet understandable reports for the clients each month, all so that the client can understand the amazing job everyone at JEMSU is doing for them.


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