What It Means to Be a Google AdWords Qualified Partner

Chris Sams, June 12, 2013

Well, we finally did it. After studying several test guides and spending countless hours in the quiet JEMSU™ conference rooms, we are now an official Google AdWords Qualified partner for Search and Display advertising.

So what does this mean, for us and for you? The short version is that we are certified by Google to manage accounts for clients. To get this certification, firms have to employ people who have proven an in-depth knowledge of all things AdWords related (by passing a series of exams). This means that you can be confident that JEMSU™ has experts with the knowledge and experience to do a great job managing your Google AdWords account. Hey, if Google can trust us, we think you can too!

Right now, we have three individually certified employees – our PPC Manager, Laine Bulakites (myself), our SEO Guru, Luis Metzger, and of course, the very talented EVP of Sales and Marketing, Troy Olson. We hope to get even more employees AdWords certified soon — the more, the better!

To learn more about working with a Google Certified Partner, you can visit Google’s guide here.

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