What is Webkits? And Why Does It Make My Chrome Experience That Much Better?

Chris Sams, January 23, 2013



What is WebKit? This is the heart of your amazing browser. This is the juice for the speed of your Google Chrome browser and Safari. So what is WebKit? Well be definition its an open source web browser engine. This behind the scenes tool helps render a lot of the code in the back end like your HTML and CSS and partitioning them in to parts that can be handled programatically.  This is also your communicator, it talks to your javascript and other programing languages to make sure things are running accordingly.

This amazing tool is open sourced for a reason, receiving contribution from a variety of different people in differently countries. Google and Apple are very happy to work with WebKits based just on this reason alone. You can thank WebKits and these people for how fast your pages load up as WebKits manages most of the information being translated, and displayed to the user. Although Google didn’t invent WebKits by any means, they closely monitor its performance and its adaptation to its browser as constant changes happen with the variety of people who take part in creating WebKits.

But as successful as this code has been for companies like Google, they are seeing some trouble ahead, and it deals with scaling. Pages where not as complex as they are today, and developers are really pushing the limits on the directions they are taking. With complexity comes problems, and they are seeing small problems at the moment with the original code handling such advancements. As developers are trying different things to keep up with the changes, its hard to say who is coming ahead at the moment.

To keep the dogs at bay, Google and Apple as well have introduced Webkit API’s to developers. This will allow for the developer to develop significant amount of work on the client side and not rely so much on the server, allowing for rich content to be displayed rapidly and with less hassle overall for much more user friendly experience, and of course, a lot of these new features are in HTML5.  To learn more about WebKits, please refer to the YouTube video below, as one of the Chrome Engineers at Google can explain everything more in detail. Enjoy!


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