What Is This Google Glasses I've Been Hearing About?

Chris Sams, January 19, 2013



Okay, so by now you may or may not have heard about Google Glasses. Yes, the future is here and it is brought to you by Google. These new high-tech piece of fashionable eyewear will soon be released to the public. In fact, later this year at the a Google developers conference in San Francisco, developers will get early access to an SDK package to try out. Why is this important? Well, we need cool apps, and cool apps are made by cool nerds. The day this product launches it has to have plenty of apps for us to try out and play with.

According to some videos recently posted the open sourced API will give developers a chance to write code for their programs in a variety of languages including PHP, and Java. So now, instead of writing for websites or mobile apps you will be writing for what will referred to as writing for “Glass”, Yay!

There is much risk though if this new way of mobile smartness will be accepted and adopted into our every day lives. Can you stand being connected to web and your friends 24/7? Or at least while you have your glasses on? So weird to think a little piece of glass will takeover what will hopefully replace your phone, and computer, and laptop, and iPad, crazy!

And now for advertisers, you are just trying to catch up to mobile advertising and finding a niche on that market. Now with this being introduced soon, you will soon fall behind again in this fast growing world of technology.

Since this is a little new to me, please check out the video below to get a real visual sense of what a “day in the life of Google glasses” will be like. This might just want to make you start saving today. Enjoy!


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