What is the biggest mistake companies make online?

TeamJEMSU, January 18, 2013

This is an opinion piece, so let me get that out of the way from the beginning.  I’m typically not “into” sweeping generalizations, but for this post I am going to take liberty.  I was on a radio show a few months back to discuss digital marketing, and the host asked me the question, “what is the biggest mistake the companies make with SEO.”  Afterwards, I thought more about the question, and realized that what he should have asked is, “what is the biggest mistake companies make online”.   This goes deeper and extends further than SEO (which I look at as one of the tools in your arsenal).

The biggest mistake that companies make online is a poorly designed and poorly managed website.

  • Poorly designed – Your website is your brand, your image and many of your client’s first impression.  With that said, why do most companies not bite the bullet and improve it?  One principal that has been dropped quite often is the importance of brand.  No business has been tremendously successful without a strong brand. IMO.
  • Poorly managed – Why don’t websites work like they are suppose to?  Why are they slow?  Didn’t anyone think about the user interface?  Why doesn’t some one call me immediately when I fill out a contact form?

I’ll be honest.  Your site probably sucks.  Well guess, what!  So does mine.  Now let’s do something about it!

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