What Is Important About Website Structure

Chris Sams, January 19, 2013

These days people are finding clever ways to promote their own site by blogging, advertising, or so forth.  Even web designing has become a very common thing for those who do not seek out assistance. Various places like Word Press give aspiring amateur creators a chance to design something from scratch or choose from a wide selection of templates.

But what kind of website should you design? How will your website stand out and show its full potential? Of course we know that most things should compliment each other and content should be easy to access. Overall, the best thing to understand is website structure.

When there is good structure or organization, we know for  fact that it will help your search rankings. When Google indexes your pages and content, it makes sure that information is layed out correctly, and that everything is accessible.

Where does it all start? Well, it starts with your domain name. Something that says who you are or what you are doing? Structure starts with a good descriptive name.

When organizing content you gotta make sure that all other pages are descriptive with proper tagging. The more specific information you give Google the better. Pages should be labeled correctly and descriptions should be short and precise. This is what will make your website a first tier page.

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