What is Google looking for?

Chris Sams, May 15, 2012

Every time there is a new algorithm update, the same big question keeps popping up. A question that many believe they always have the answer to, but that in reality, very few figure out right away. That question is: What is Google looking for? Google’s main purpose and goal is to deliver the most accurate and useful results to their searchers, therefore will do anything in their power, to remove websites that are not legitimate or that could jeopardize that. With that in mind, we can answer this tricky, yet simple question. Google is looking for quality content and quality links. Quality content on a website, actually means fresh, original and informative content. To be able to state the purpose of the website, the business and what makes them different from anybody else. The quality links are actually what build authority on a site and Google is looking for links that actually reflect the purpose and information on the website. These links are not spammy or bought out links, but instead, these are links posted by users, clients and referring websites. Google does not hate legitimate SEO, but they are after individuals who try to manipulate the system by using illegitimate techniques.

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