What is dominating digital marketing in 2017

Chris Sams, May 24, 2017

The digital marketing industry stands still for no one and nothing. Constantly evolving, it brings ever more efficient new channels and formats that enable marketers to reach out to target audiences. While the basics of digital marketing – crafting a unique message and creating buyer personas for better targeting – remain steady, it’s a marketer’s duty to acquire the new skills need to stay apace of the latest trends.

Every year Adobe and Econsultancy release their Digital Trends report, one of the industry’s largest digital marketing research studies in the world. This year, more than 14,000 marketing pros in a range of industries took the time to identify the strategies they rate as top priorities for 2017. Here’s what they say about what’s currently dominating digital marketing.

Cultivating Relationships

Whether it’s boosting engagement via social channels or using personalized campaigns, the costumer-centric approach that emphasizes education and engaging information continues to take center stage. Webinars, video how-to guides, blog posts, and interactive infographics are all popular digital marketing tactics this year.

Live Video, Infographics and Other Visuals

Skillful use of live video and other visuals such as graphics and images are now fundamental to the user experience, as brands blend their written message with visuals that entertain and delight their audience. Platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube, and Snapchat continue to introduce new ways to reach and engage users, with most consumers gravitating towards video. The reason for embracing visuals is simple: content with images gets over 90% more views than content without them.


Mobile is having a bigger than ever impact on digital marketing, as search engines like Google follow their mobile first mantra. It’s true that many customers still use laptop, tablet, and desktop devices, but an adaptive mobile design approach has benefited those brands looking to serve more relevant, contextual content. Experts see mobile’s future as one that is part of a multi-channel strategy, with less focus on simply one platform.


Marketing automation lets a business automate tasks and workflows for its marketing and sales process, including lead profiling on web and landing pages, sending automated personalized emails, targeted social media campaigns, and more. It’s one of the best ways to support lead nurturing and customer engagement goals. Over the past few years, marketing automation’s improved effectiveness has made it a fantastic tool for helping brands nurture leads across multiple channels.

Big Data

A surprisingly low number of respondents (8%) in the 2017 Digital Trends report said they consider data analysis a top priority. Brands that choose to forego analyzing data to shape their content marketing and social media campaigns are making a big mistake. It’s vital in the digital age to have access to the data you need to develop marketing tactics that get the results you’re looking for. Big data needs to be a number one priority on every marketer’s to-do list.

The Takeaway

Brands large and small can ensure digital marketing success by embracing and integrating new innovations into their overall marketing strategy. There’s no guarantee exactly how or when these trends will prove to have staying power. That depends in no small part on consumer acceptance. But if the experts are right, it’s worth adopting at least a few of these new strategies into your digital marketing campaigns. The sooner you start, the more time you have to reap the full benefits they offer.

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