Is CRO Right for Your Business?

Chris Sams, November 6, 2017
Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is the process of altering your business’s website to increase its conversion rate. Basically, it encourages your audience to become more active users of your site.
CRO is a series of extremely powerful techniques for maximizing your business’ return on investment. The exact tactics you use will depend on your current situation and what’s likely to be blocking conversions. Read on to learn more about how CRO works and which approach is right for you.

First, the Basics

Nearly every business can benefit from CRO: everyone’s conversion rate can improve. What’s more, CRO is often more cost-effective than widening your sales funnel by driving traffic to your site. It usually involves making small but powerful changes.
And before you jump in, don’t get confused: despite the similar names, CRO isn’t SEO. CRO can sometimes utilize SEO (say, to bring more relevant traffic from potential customers), but it doesn’t have to, and the two generally use different methods.

Common SEO Methods

So how do businesses increase their website’s conversion rate? Here are a few ways:
  • Improve your site. Is your website eye-catching? Is your copy concise and clear, with a compelling headline? Is there a clear call-to-action, and is it easy to interact with? All of these simple, inexpensive changes will improve your conversion rate.
  • Make sure your ads — and pages — are relevant. If your ads are enticing but they lead potential customers to unrelated pages, you’ll see poor conversion rates. Be sure ads lead people to the right pages. If you don’t have relevant pages on your site, create them or reword your ads.
  • Do A/B testing. There are a ton of invisible factors that influence your conversion rate, including colors, fonts, placement of certain forms, the information you ask for and more. While many web designers have theories about what works best, you won’t actually know what your audience prefers until you test it. Change one variable at a time and see how customers react.
Everyone’s website will benefit from a CRO overhaul. CRO improves your ROI, and is far more cost-efficient than widening your sales funnel. With a few simple, but precise changes to your site, you can dramatically improve your conversion rate.


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