What is CRO?

Chris Sams, November 29, 2017
Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, focuses on improving conversion rates on landing pages, websites, emails and other marketing channels that require a visitor to take a specific action. The rate that they do this action also called a conversion, may be improved by changing elements in the advertising or marketing campaign material. While the basic concept is straightforward, it’s a complex area that requires a multi-disciplinary marketing mindset.
Why CRO Is Important
While market research is helpful to determine what your competitors are doing and who their audience is, it doesn’t tell you the elements that make your competitors successful with their campaigns.
You need to take a much deeper dive and some experimentation on your part to determine what works for your business and customers. You discover the small details that lead to incremental improvements in your conversion rates through trial and error. With CRO, you have a structured strategy in place for making these changes, tracking the data and maximizing your ROI.
This data-driven approach gives you the information you need to build more effective campaigns. You gain a deep understanding of your target audience, current customers, and other prospects.
The Benefits of Bringing in a CRO Partner
CRO is not an entry-level marketing practice. Effectively putting together this strategy requires extensive knowledge in marketing, from fully understanding the audience to identifying statistically significant metrics to track.
Your company may not have the in-house resources available to execute a CRO strategy, especially if the marketing team is already stretched thin with other duties. Today’s marketing and advertising landscape require a significant resource investment, due to the complexity of the buyer’s journey and the sheer amount of devices and channels that you need to cover.
A marketing partner with experience in CRO, such as JEMSU, gives you the opportunity to bring in experts to complement your current team. You don’t have to take the time to try and build up the experience with your staff or hire in-house specialists.
JEMSU can give you the helping hand you need to effectively implement CRO without running into any roadblocks. You avoid the steep learning curve entirely since these marketing experts have the hands-on experience necessary to put together the CRO strategy that makes sense for your company.
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