What Is Apple Doing To Keep Maps On Track for iOS 6

Chris Sams, January 20, 2013



Get Direction For Transit Now On Maps by Apple

With the new maps application, Apple is leaving it into the hands of the developers to make specific functions in their maps app. Transit direction will be given by third party companies to allow Apple time to focus on the main features.

This is perfect for Apples third party developers. They can setup times, routes, and so forth. Apple is concentrating on the main part of the system and its integration with iOS 6

Scott Forstall the director of applications at Apple talked about how developers are the best people for the job.  They know the routes, and the best way to get to places, why not put in their hands.

Apple is still taking care of buildings, roads, and so forth. They are still handling the big stuff and looking to keep developing the look and feel. But with developers working on the transits among other things, Apple will not be taking a lifetime working on this new application featured late 2012.

Urban transit directions will be the main focus (such as metros and city busses), but also regional directions (trains, interurban busses and airplanes) and specialized direction routing (including hiking trails, bike directions, ferry connections, even other options like taxis and ride sharing).

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