What Enhanced Campaigns will do for Campaign Device Targeting

Chris Sams, March 7, 2013

On the last day of February, Google Adwords launched “Enhanced Campaigns” for users.  Here is a list of items that will not be available with the enhancement:

  • Ability to target to only Desktops, Tablets, or Mobile devices
  • Ability to target specific mobile networks
  • Ability to target specific operating systems
  • Ability to target specific device models
  • Ability to target specific Carriers and Wi-fi

Basically this section will no longer be available:



The additions for targeting appear to be the following:

  • You can now adjust the bidding for Mobile devices either above or below the set bid.  It is not clear if this going to be affected by automatic bidding.

Our initial assessment is that this is not an enhancement at all, but a loss of a significant amount of targeting options.  Here are some examples of campaigns this may seriously effect:

  1. A locksmith who wants to target only mobile phones because the majority of his clients are calling on mobile phones
  2. A mobile phone service company that wants to target competitor phones
  3. Any company that only wants to target desktops, and not tablets

The story is still developing, so stay tuned!

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