Wedding Photographers Should Use SEO & Pinterest for Marketing

Chris Sams, May 8, 2012

“Wedding Photography” is one of the most searched photography terms.  Photographers looking to break into the business should utilize SEO & Pinterest as a marketing tool.  Women love to search Pinterest for wedding photography ideas, but when it comes to getting hiring an actual wedding photographer – they will search Google.

Pinterest is a great place to see cool wedding photography ideas, poses, color and setups, but unfortunately Pinterest isn’t a great place to get referral traffic for your photographer business. SEO is still the best way to drive potential clients to your photography business website.   This snapshot shows a search engine results page (serp) for “wedding photographers”.

As you can see Google serves up local wedding photographer’s Google places accounts.  Google will automatically recognize the location of the searcher and serve of wedding photographers near that person.  In the picture above the searcher was searching in Denver, Colorado, so 7 local wedding photographers showed up that have office or service areas in Denver.  Being one of those seven results is critical because 90% of searchers will click on one of these seven listings.  So where does SEO come in? Denver has hundreds of wedding photographers with Google places accounts, but only 7 who have done good SEO will show up on the first page.  Getting your Google places to rank in the top 7 involves two main elements, optimizing your Google Places account and creating high quality and authoritative citations and backlinks for your business website.

Conclusion. Use Pinterest to post your wedding pictures and photography work.  Use SEO to get customers.


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