Video Marketing

Video Marketing


{set everything in motion}

The amount of video online is exploding every day, and has become the second largest search engine online. By 2017, experts predict that more than 74% of Internet usage will be video. Without a way to engage with that audience, your business is missing a huge opportunity.

Compelling copy on your website is essential, but nothing brings your product or service to life like video. In addition, decision makers don’t have time to read loads of copy, but they do have 60 seconds to watch a video. The medium can have an incredible impact just where you need it.

JEMSU’s motion graphic videos are creative and impactful, distilling and presenting your message in the format that decision-makers will receive.

If you have a product or service that has many facets and is difficult to explain, a motion graphic video can do what text and photos cannot. The voiceover tells the story, and the graphics bring it home.


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