Using Your Mobile Device For Non-profit

Chris Sams, February 20, 2012

Have you heard of Google’s Non-profit program? The non-profit program that Google has recently implanted is a great way for any business to help a great cause while also increasing their visibility online.  Joining Google Non-profit is a relatively simple process with the help of a great local SEO company.  Your company does have to apply and be approved by Google before you will receive up $10,000 in grants to be used for ad placement.

There are some large and amazing companies that have already taken advantage of this program, including American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, etc. While it is great to take advantage of this program and its ads online, you can also take advantage of the use of mobile phones.  Pretty much everyone today has a mobile phone, and most of those people have a smart phone in which they can easily search the Internet or download an app.  There are several large companies that are taking advantage of the fact that we are all attached to our cell phones.  There are a few hints provided by the Google Non-profit program that will help you get started.

First, you need to develop a mobile specific campaign.  That means either developing an app or a text program that can be delivered to site visitors and encourage them to donate to your cause.   Google also encourages the use of sites such as Ad Sitelinks.  This site specializes in demonstrating how certain links will encourage people to donate.  They include certain words like “Donate here” for example.  Another site to take advantage of is Google Analytics in which you can see how many mobile hits you are getting to your site.  This will help you determine how many people are actually visiting your site from their mobile phone.

A Denver marketing company can contribute a lot of great knowledge to developing a mobile phone and video marketing campaign for your non-profit business.

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