Using the Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends as one

Chris Sams, January 15, 2013

For almost every business, search engine traffic is the biggest opportunity online. Every minute millions of searches occur on Google in the United States alone. Where businesses, especially small business, struggle is knowing which keywords to target, and how to prioritize them. In this post, I would like to give you a simple process using the Google Keyword Tool followed by Google Trends to refine your keywords.

The first step is to login to the Google Keyword Tool, as logging in will provide you with additional data which may be useful later. Once you are logged in you can type in keywords that you assume are in your category, or your best guess. Another option is to type in your website address in the second box. Before hitting search you will want to go to the left column and select “Exact” as the match type and uncheck the other options. This will ensure that you are researching exactly what searchers are typing. You can now hit “search” and click on the “keyword ideas” tab below. You will be able to sort the keywords by the different columns to find the words most relevant, and having the most volume. You will see the keywords you entered, along with recommendations.

Now comes the joining of the to tools. I now open a second tab and go to Google Trends. If I am doing research for a localized client, I will zero in geographically on the area, using the controls at the bottom left. Now, I start to plugin the keywords I have found with the Google Keyword Tool, starting with the keywords with the highest “Local Search” results. These represent national monthly volume for keywords.

This is a great process for narrowing down keywords, and finding out what keywords are stronger in your geographic region. In a recent search using this process, I found that in the Northern states they are more likely to use the term “steel” in a search term, and in the Southern states they are more likely to use the term “metal” for one of our client’s products.

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