Updates To The MCC

Chris Sams, June 16, 2015
images-1My Client Center (MCC)  is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing multiple accounts. It helps you save time and provides more visibility into the account’s performance. For Example, it gives you a better understanding when you can use it for cross-account campaign management, reporting tools, and with improved account navigation. the new advanced select tool allows you to paste ads or keywords across a combination of campaigns and ad groups at once, rather than one at a time.

To help manage and report on your accounts, Google has created campaign-level actions. These campaign-level actions were available at the account-level, which is great, but now we can have those same features for campaigns now. Being able to make multiple changes at a Campaign level will allow you to be more efficient with your time and work. You can add columns, apply segments, and set filters to report on campaign performances for up to 20 accounts. Google also made it easier to find the account you want to view by letting you search for or select the manager account or individual account you want to jump to by expanding the drop down at the top of the Adwords Account. Instead of having to jump between campaign tabs and different accounts separately, you can now open multiple windows.

Exploring your account data can be a daunting task. Thanks to Google, they have added advanced segmentation’s and filtering tools. This allows you to quickly dissect your data based on what is important to your business. There are a hundred different ways to look at data. Being able to break up and find new opportunities within the data, will help you achieve new levels of success for your business.
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