The more time I spend working in the Internet Marketing industry, the more I realized that the clients that have had a bad experience with Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click, has mostly to do with the fact that they were not educated on these products and the right expectation were not set from the beginning. If Internet marketing is something you are interested in investing on, it is very important that you understand from the get go, that most fields now days, are very competitive and most likely this will not be an overnight success story.  This is a very volatile market and nobody has rankings guaranteed even if you are doing Pay Per Click, because that is also determined by factors like quality scores, which nobody but Google has control over. Also, it is very important that the company you hire, educates you on the industry and keeps you informed of algorithm changes and updates, so you are not in the dark, when it comes to what is done in your account. Denver SEO can be secretive and companies will not share with you step by step what they do, but that does not mean they cannot walk you through the process as the campaign is being developed.