Twitter Launching New Music Service Called "Twitter Music"

TeamJEMSU, April 12, 2013



Are you ready for a new music app by the same people who have created a social media empire? Twitter has announced that they will be releasing their own Music application this weekend to the world.

Variety of sources are proclaiming that the large social media company will be introducing this new music services as early as today. Some others sources are also suggesting that Twitter will be using the Coachella music festival as away to market and promote this new service, I guess we will find out soon.

Twitter confirming that it has purchased music discovery service We Are Hunted. Twitter had acquired the music discovery service last year and was using its technology to build a standalone music app.

Although there is no exact confirmation on the name, most people think it will be called Twitter music. There is also speculations that this service will be available for iOS as it’s first platform.

Twitter Music is said to suggest artists and songs to listen to based on a variety of signals, and be personalized based on which accounts a user follows on Twitter. Songs are streamed to the app via SoundCloud.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest confirmed the app’s existence in a series of tweets yesterday that indicated he was “lovin” using it.


source: CNET

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