TubeMogul Taking Over the Video Market?

TeamJEMSU, February 16, 2012

We have all heard of YouTube, a site in which tons of videos are posted everyday that millions of people then are able to watch.  These videos can be posted by anyone who takes the time to sign up for a YouTube account and they usually range from News casts, funny family videos, commercials, and even non-profit donation videos.  But there is a new video website coming into the SEO world.  Local SEO companies are going to have to start noticing the new site called TubeMogul, which was at one time called OneLoad.

This new site is focusing on advertising and specifically on video marketing which is becoming a very important part of building link development and site relevancy for Google searches.  TubeMogul and OneLoad have recently separated into two different sites.  This has been quite confusing to several people who have memberships to both sites.  But OneLoad and TubeMogul are different in some ways but really not all that different.  OneLoad will allow someone who has signed up to be a member to upload their video to the site and then it will be syndicated in several different places.  This means that it will be seen by several millions of people.  TubeMogul will from now on not allow videos to be uploaded to the site and then transferred to several different platforms.  Instead, it will be focusing on “real-time media buying.”

TubeMogul is still maintain ownership of OneLoad, and if you already have a log in for TubeMogul it can be used on OneLoad’s site as well.  It may seem odd to have two sites doing different tasks but for now, there are no signs of TubeMogul selling OneLoad.  In an industry that is booming with video advertising it is probably a good idea to consider loading some advertising videos on the site for your company’s visibility.

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