Track Phone Calls with Google Analytics App Gallery

TeamJEMSU, January 27, 2013



For those who are proficient with Google Analytics, you know the amazing things this powerful tool can do for you. From advance segments, to Adwords Conversion Data on the fly, Analytics can give you the logistics needed to maximize your business.

But like most, we are always wondering what else this baby can do or how come Google hasn’t figured out how to “this” yet. This could be things like a full integration with your CRM or call tracking platform. For others, it could be better business performance and reports.

Did you know that Google analytics has an App? Yep, the official Google Analytics App Gallery is where you can find everything needed to keep up to date with your analytics account. Although this is not new, been around for 3 years now, developers have been doing some great things with it as it was first released as an open API to be played around with by any body.

The Google Analytics Application Gallery is broken down into categories like Business Intelligence, Email Marketing, Phone Call Tracking, Social Media Analytics, and many more.

There is a Phone Call Tracking category which contains 25 services that provide you with unique phone numbers for visitors and tracks the phone call to that exact visitor for offline conversion tracking. There are alot of people asking how they can track phone calls and in this is the best possible way for you to use analytics to be able to do so.

Developers like always are able to submit there ideas to Google for review, and see if they can be another great feature in the Gallery. Of course  if you are a developer you must remember you have to abide by Google’s rules and regulation terms.

No matter who you are and what you are tracking Google’s Analytics App Gallery has something for you and something for your business. Give one or two of them a try and leave some feedback in the comments below.


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