Top 10 Reasons to Increase Your PPC Budget

Chris Sams, December 30, 2014

In the first quarter, it’s important to revisit the topic of budget, and set it at an appropriate amount for the year.


For many, an increase in budget is exactly what is necessary. There are many reasons to recommend increasing a PPC budget. Some are no brainers and others are a calculated risk. We’ve gathered our top 10 reasons to increase budget, for overall account health, or specific reasons:


Overall Account Health



  • Show up on the first page



It is not always possible to show up on the first page of search engine results organically. Paying for a top positions is a quick way to get you business on the first page of Google search.



  • Your budget is limiting your impressions & clicks.



For many industries, cost-per-clicks are over $5, sometimes even reaching $30-$100 a click! If your budget is at or below your cost-per-click, you can miss out on clicks, or run out of budget early.



  • Impression share is low.(Your ads do not always show)



100% impression share means your ads are showing 100% of the time. Unfortunately this often is not the case and you are missing out of good qualified impressions.


  • Expand your products & services.(more ppc campaigns)



More campaigns means more budget! Taking away from existing campaigns can be detrimental.



  • High return on investment.(ROI)



Don’t leave money on the table. The more you spend, the more you make!


Specific Purpose


  • Having a sale?



Maximize visibility during sales with additional budget.



  • Seasonal product.



If you sell diamond rings, this means Valentines Day!



  • Target mobile devices.


There are industries such as emergency locksmiths that can benefit from mobile specific ad copy & targeting.


  • Immediate results.(Time sensitive product or launch)



Good for events with specific dates, or if you’re advertising the release of a new phone. You don’t want people to think they have to go somewhere else!



  • Reach markets you are not located in.(Geo targeting)



Best way to expand – reach a new market!

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