It is very difficult as a business, to determine who to invest your advertisement budget. Especially in this economic time, when you need to make sure every penny you spend has potential to become profitable. We all know that even tough people are still using resources like The Yellow book and local magazines and listing, we are moving into a digital era where people find what they need or want online, instead of the local paper. So as a business owner, by now you probably realize that the methods and strategies that work before, are not longer effective and it is time to look for alternatives. Internet Marketing has become the new way to reach out to potential clients and a well constructed website, has become your best sales person, whether you like that or not. There are several tools that could be used to promote your website, products and services online and many of these could be a great way for expose your business to potential clients. Determining your budget, targeted audience and goals would definitely help you figure out if Denver SEO, Pay Per Click, Video Marketing or Social Media are what you need to have, in a successful Internet Marketing campaign.