Tips on Localizing your Business

Chris Sams, February 17, 2012

When starting your own business, almost everyone dreams of having their product or services go international.  Once this happens though, it can actually be very difficult for your company to relate to the everyday man.  Here are a few clues and hints if you are running an international business to make it relate to locals.  Using a local SEO business can also greatly help you with this.

First, it is very important to make sure you have websites that are specific to certain locations.  You wouldn’t want someone in France looking at an American website.  Or someone in Australia looking at a Spanish website.  Not only should the languages be different but if you have offices or stores in those areas they should be optimized to the specific website for that area.  That way, when someone anywhere in the world searches for your business they will be pleasantly confronted to with site and location closest to them.

This also means that if your website needs to have the language changed or adjustments to make sure it is properly aligned with the country or city it is in you should do it as quickly as possible.  Even though a translator can change all of the words on your webpage, it is important to make sure the theme, colors, and details are localized as well.  That can mean a flag or a slogan connecting your site to that city.  Finally, if you are using an SEO company make sure you are using and developing keywords and phrases that are in the other language.  It makes no sense to use American keywords for a French website.  This is important also if you are doing any video marketing.  Make sure your video is in the language of your website.

All in all these hints seem rather obvious and they are but you’d be surprised how many people forget about them and lose business when going international.

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