Three YouTube Video Ads Designed To Deliver Results!

Chris Sams, March 24, 2015

youtube-true-view-adsYouTube Video Ads can deliver the format and success metrics that matter the most. Below are three different scenarios that can benefit any account and take you to the next when optimizing your account.

First, is the Auction Video Ads (Trueview). It is best for nimble execution with growth in reach and engagement. Key reporting metrics for these ads are as follow: View Rate, Impressions, Earned views, etc. The call to action (CTA) appears as soon as the video starts to play. In-stream videos allow ads that must be less than 3 minutes long and must send viewer clicks to your website. With in-display format, your ad is shown with in-video overlays as well as search results and display network content. You can choose from 4 thumbnails.

Second is Reserve Video Ads. These are excellent for achieving strong impression volume at guaranteed rate. They require non-skippable videos from 15, to 30 seconds and 60 second videos and up are skippable. A great metric for success is in the impressions. Keep and eye on delivery indicator. This will show you the percentage of guaranteed impressions delivered. Reservation campaigns have a minimum spend requirements. You have more control of impressions at a fixed rate.

Third is the Homepage Masthead Ads. If you are looking for reach, this Video Ad will get you views. Outstanding with reach and engagement properties pushing the limits to custom creativity. You must allow embedding code within video to see results. These user-initiated videos must have control buttons as well as the indicator of the video duration or elapse statue. With this ad you will be able to see every flow and click from the viewer and can capitalize on the data.

In conclusion, these three different scenarios provide enough data to better optimize your accounts. Each are different in their own way; from auction, reservation and homepage ads  but they all allow you to control your YouTube Video Ads to the fullest.

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