Three lessons from Secretariat for your Internet Business

Chris Sams, May 16, 2012

So you have an internet business.  You imagine great success that should come easy online, but you are hitting walls and complex challenges that make you lose hope.  Well what better time to have a pep talk about winners and what makes them great.  Today our topic is Secretariat, the 1973 winner of the coveted Triple Crown in horse racing.  Arguably the greatest racing horse of all time, Secretariat taught us some lessons about being the best and winning. Three Lessons from Secretariat:

  • Don’t get whipped – Now at first you might think I am saying don’t let your competition “whip” you.  But our first lesson is very different then getting a paddling.   In Secretariat’s third and final race of the Triple Crown many argued that he could not win.  He was a short distance racer and the sheer length of the Belmont Stakes would be to far for him.  But in the end, Secretariat crossed the finish line 31 lengths ahead of the nearest competitor, and set a track record that has never been close to broken.  Now ask you self, how many times did the jockey Ron Turcotte have to whip Secretariat to get him to accomplish this amazing feat?  The answer, not even once.  This astounding victory happened because Secretariat had the right attitude and wanted to win as much or more than anyone else on earth.  So your goal should be to “not get whipped” and by that I mean, no one should need to whip you in those greatest of races.
  • Love what you do – Secretariat loved to run, and he loved to race.  He was well aware of when the big races were coming up, and he prepared himself mentally and physically for them.  I absolutely HATE it when people use the excuse that Secretariat had the perfect body, and shape, and look.  Blah blah blah.  Many horses have had excellent to perfect bodies and never amounted to anything in the racing world!  What set Secretariat apart was his attitude, his work ethic, and above all his LOVE for the race.  Now its time for a reality check, right from your gut.  Do you love your business?  Do you love your industry?  It’s okay if you don’t, you can make a perfectly good living just fulfilling the supply and demand the the world needs.  Just don’t expect to be the greatest you can be unless you LOVE it day and night.
  • Copying perfection will not get you perfection – The last lesson to learn happened after all the races ended.  Secretariat became stud for hire, and many breeders spent big bucks to have him over for a visit.  But out of all the offspring how many went on to break his records and become the next super horse.  None of them really.  Of over 600 offspring, none of them hold a candle to his accomplishments.  So in the context of your business, are you building something great, or just leaning your ladder against some one else’s wall.  If you want to be great breed your own success, and make a better stallion.  Every time you copy another business, you’re cutting yourself short in the long run.

As you think about your business, think about what race you are running, and how Secretariat got to be the first one to cross that finish line when it really counted.

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